Leaning plant

Is it ok for it to start leaning. Its on day 6 of germination. Popped out on day 5. Water temp stays at 72

and inside temp is 75 and rh is around 35.


Looks ok to me. Give it a day or two yo straighten up


Will do. Thanks for the help


Agreed! She will be okay.

My current grow started as a leaner, got straightened out, then started leaning again when she got bigger… just used a green wire support to keep her straight. Probably wasn’t really necessary but I coddled this one like a first born :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. Thanks for that. This is my first grow so I’m just being cautious. This is purple haze from ilgm. The water temp is 72. But I’m keeping the room around 73 degrees. I can cut the heater to lower the temp, but it will lower the inside air temp also. Trying to find a happy medium.


I would order some Hydroguard if I was you!


If your water temps are at that level, and you need the heat to keep the plant warm, this is your best bet


A water chiller. This would allow you to turn the heat up a little more even and keep the water temp consistent… but water chillers can be semi expensive to just go and buy, Hydroguard is much cheaper

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I just ordered hydroguard. I heard you don’t use it right away. When do I start. It will be here Monday. I think I drain and fill today or tomorrow. I will be getting a chiller, but can I install it during the grow?

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Ah, I think that’s not quite correct… it is advised to use it as soon as possible from the start of the grow to build up a colony of beneficial bacteria so that they are nice, strong, and highly populated so that if any bad boys come to town they will have full control of the enemies!

You can add a water chiller at any time if you’re going through the back trap door with the tubes and draping up over the reservoir like @miami5th does…

If you’re looking to full on install something similar to @SWSVIC (below) then I would probably not recommend doing it during a grow as the reservoir needs to be removed
SWSVIC’s water chiller installation - Nutrients & Water - AllGrowers Forum | Hydroponics, Harvesting, Cannabis, and more

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Good to know. Do I add hydroguard during fill or anytime. And The water chiller ill probably route over the tank and after this grow ill install like @SWSVIC

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You can just add it to the reservoir whenever. Then, on your next drain and fill, wait for the Grobo nutrients to dispense and mix a bit (for about 20-30 minutes) and then add Hydroguard after and continue the process throughout the grow.

I would suggest using at the very least, 7.5mL

I’ve used 10 to 15 mL myself each drain and fill.

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10-4 sounds like a plan.

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And again, thanks for the help.

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