Latest pics of Dos Si Dos

23 days into flower and day 75 of a of a 99 day grow recipe. To extend or not, that is the???:sunglasses:


Did you start this plant at the same time as your tent plants?

I started Grobo about 3 weeks before Kit and Kat and month before the other Dos Si Dos that’s up to the door…

Well shit… that certainly doesn’t show off Grobo’s abilities :joy:

Well that would be one way to :eyes: at it! I prefer to look at it that maybe I might be better than Grobo :joy::+1::sunglasses::star_struck:smh

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I was a good :man_student:

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Cracking up…

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Too funny

Got nothing else to do all day!!! Better get it right

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by the looks of it 4 to 5 weeks more easily.

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Thanks Todd,
Figured that!:sunglasses:

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