Last but not least

As I can see I think I have all my questions answered about everything with the grobo , my last question would be is thier any parts with the grobo that anyone has had trouble with ?? Any pumps anything to be aware of . I decided to think about a water chiller later after my first grow and see how my temperatures are , but I really dont want to have bumps in the road and not be able to bounce back from them …


There has been some issues with people’s pumps. Getting disconnected or just not working properly but I think that was mainly due to past shipping problems, in which case you can just get an external air pump from like a pet store for an aquarium, just need to take the back plate off and hook yours into the air line essentially

If it’s still under warranty though I’m sure they would send you a new one along with installation instructions :+1:


10 4 , atleast it’s nothing big :wink:




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@Stephen said somewhere that you shouldn’t need any extra gear, but he does say if you live in a hot climate that a chiller may be good to have:



Will be looking into getting a chiller , just for the hell of it , rather be safe than sorry :slight_smile: