Kushy Kush..Second grow.. Day 4

Thanks for all the input!

She is doing it again! Here is the scoop, she was recovering. I did a drain and fill last on Wednesday and also rechecked pH probe again, health was good. Manual pH was 6.0. I contacted support. They checked everything bumped pH 6.2. Overall spread has slowed down but still spreading. Question is do I do a d&f with nutrients hooked up or just do d&f with them disconnected? Attached photos show plant and nutrient bottle dispensing with last drain and fill! @chris_barfield @vegetato @Bplatinum9 @SWSVIC @Russel_Richardson

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What day of growth are you on?

Day 31. Late vegetation 7/14 @SWSVIC

Were these nutrient bottles used on a previous grow?

Yes they were! @SWSVIC

Appears to be calcium deficiency

The ones that were cut will continue to die off as it grows. Same thing for the next set up, they had some brown spots on their tips earlier on so they’ll probably develop more as new ones come in.

Is it taking from bottle #5 after drain/fill?

Did you top it or is the new growth hidden under those big ones?

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What kind of water are you using? Can you confirm bottle 5 is dispensing? Perhaps try flushing with plain water for 24 hours by disconnecting your nutrient bottles and running a drain fill, then reconnect nutrient bottles after the 24 hour period and running another drain fill. Perhaps she’ll open up.

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Yes I topped it at 5 nodes! I had already trimmed first 3 nodes off d/t nutrient lockout!! Bottle 5 did dispense on last d&f as shown on pic. Yes there is some new growth underneath hidden. @vegetato

If you could spread out those other leaves a bit just push them down a bit and give the new growth more light it might help.

Besides that, how’s water temperature been and have you seen the roots lately? All looking good there?

Roots nice & white, not slimy or smelly at all. Water temps maintaining at 69-70 degrees Fahrenheit. @vegetato

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This is basically what you want to do with those big leaves, spread them out like in this video:

Can also do the same thing with new growth. I try to remember to do this regularly but often forget. :wink:


Day 41 Late veg 17/28. She has recovered from nutrient lockout twice! Now it seems to bit of dampening off! I am hitting one snag after another with this grow! Temp and humidity have been steady and yes I have several supplemental fans blowing at coco! Will she recover from this or should I just cut my losses and start over? @chris_barfield @vegetato @Russel_Richardson @Bplatinum9 @SWSVIC

Also coco is not to wet on top or bottom. Water levels seem to be where they are suppose to be and roots are still nice and white. No smell in reservoir or slime noted on roots! @Todd.grobo

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Is it standing up on its own?

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Can you pop the pod up a half an inch with a fan on it. If it doesnt dry out and heal its not worth keeping. Youll know in a day or two.


Yes it is standing on its own

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Will do

Well I terminated this morning! She had fell over completely. I am cleaning and sanitizing and will start back over tonight with a different strain and breeder


RIP Kushy Kush! :weary: