Keeping customers in the loop

I placed my order for Grobo One in early January and just received an update regarding shipping delay due to the US government shutdown and when to expect shipment. I really appreciate the update from the company and it shows the company cares about its customers.

Thank you Grobo


That’s why I don’t regret buying a grobo. The entire Grobo team understand the importance of customer service and they really do care about us.

It’s makes for a superb experience.


Yep agreed. Grobo customer service, coupled with seedsman customer services=match made in heaven. :joy:


Hey @GuerrillaFartz I seen the title of the thread and was happy to see it wasn’t a shit show. :+1:

From my experiences anything they have control over they will make it right. The fact they communicated this to you is great and I can say they have improved based on your feedback. Some original users had to reach out ask about unit deliverys as I imagine they ran lean on startup. Shout out to the guys behind the scenes as well like @GroboJason Some of us toss out our opinions (cough cough) but we only want the best for Grobo and it’s growers. :herb:


Dig that!!!

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