Just Started my 1st grow

Yeah I had one of those before but with the sprayer it doesn’t fit.

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This is the counter top one you don’t have to change filters for a year.
It still doesn’t fit on my sprayer though…

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Then there is the under the counter ones…


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(FiltrationSystem): :hourglass::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass::one:st

(DistilledWater): (H2Olabs.com): :droplet::two:nd




o.o.k…awesome. I will check those out. Should i use the 3 gallons of distilled water that i have for my water change. Or save it for next week’s change?

And if i do use the distilled water i already have this week. What should i do after that if the stores do not restock water supply

This is a great question @Jay_Peso!

In a pinch, I would begin mixing my RO or distilled water with tap. May growers of old would use 20% tap when feeding their crops to get some of those exotic micronutrients. Buffering with a bit of tap in an emergency is a great way to extend your limited RO/Distilled water supply.

Stay safe growers!


Thanks @Stephen…my unit takes at least 2 and half gallons of distilled water. What is 20% of tap water in measurements to add?

Should i do a water change asap? Still holding on but i know my plant needs its nutrients for the week. I did add some water day before because of notification it was thirsty

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You should still be able to het water until Monday then I believe things will start to shut down.

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Coming close to harvest. I extended my flower grow by 7 days. But I don’t think its not enough. Im day 37 out of 57. I looked up flowering time for this strain and it says 60-70 days for flowering. Do I need to add more time?

Check out post above @Bplatinum9 @Russel_Richardson

When you look up flowering times they give times for tent, outside, rooms etc…
The times for grobo has been calculated for the lights and nutrients etc… In the grobo so they will not match, hence the reason for grobo recipes!
If you show us a picture we can better tell you how much longer youll need in flower.
Best way to tell is by looking at the trichomes under a microscope and using the cloudy chart…
And if your still not sure just show us that picture.

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So what u think @Bplatinum9

i posted a few pics of my grow its 38 days out of 57 of flowering. I extended the flowering by 7. which gave me 57. Do i need to extend again? And what about those orange spots on the leaves, do i need to cut? I read on here it could cause mold @Bplatinum9 @Russel_Richardson @Azuri

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You really need to check your trichomes under a microscope to be sure, if you can’t I understand.
So if I had to guess I would say extend another week to see if those white hairs turn more amber.
Don’t worry about the spots on the leaves they are supposed to die out at this stage because the plant is using up all the nutrients and getting ready to go into flush.


I have extended it in the beginning of flowering when i asked u about super cropping. Are u saying extend again? And if so should i do it closer to the end of flowering cycle?

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I thought you said your already at the end of flower cycle, my fault!
Don’t extend just yet a lot can happen in a very short time with these plants.
Your exactly where you should be at this point although I can’t see your height, the leaves and buds are on point.
I would say in the next 2-3 weeks she will be about done.
Give it a week and post another pic and we can help you as you get closer.

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O.ok bet think u.

Is there any info on cleaning Grobro? Ready to try an auto out next

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Have you started a new grow? Can u do it when u go into harvest?