Just Started Growing

Today I just started growing a generic seed because I couldnt wait for the others to come in. Terrible start especially since my COCO POD broke… SMDH I just orderd another and pushed the remaining down as far as I could. We will see how this goes.


I think we all rip or crack a cocopod at some point. As long as it’s still mostly together it will probably be okay.

How did it break; did the bottom part fall off at all or did it just crack down the middle somewhere?

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The bottom broke… Completely

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Same thing happened to me and I had nothing but problems after that.
So post often so we can help you get through or decide to start over so that your not waisting a lot of time!

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Day 3 of germination, no life can be seen yet. I guess the COCO pod is too tight with the seed and how far I have it down. Im not sure Im gone let it complete the 10 days and see if anything happens. If not i will start over.

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  • (Before you [Terminate] you can investigate your seed): (If your [coco-pod] is too tight you can do what I did):

  • ‘If by the end of this week the seedling has not emerged, it’s time to investigate’