Just received SCROG net

Hello! @SWSVIC, I’m gonna need your help with this. How high did set yours?


I set my ScrOG Screen 8 inches above the grow floor. You can pull it out for the time being, install it when your plant is 6-7 inches tall.


Did you modify yours by cutting it?

I did but I opted not to use it as even after grinding sharp cut edges with dremel I was still unsatisfied with the sharp pieces left behind. Thus I opted to use another and left it just as they come. It worked very well for my first screen. The second may be a bit of an issue with the smaller grid as there will be buds growing by the time I install it.


What’s the screen you eventually went with? I too had issues with sharp edges, but mine was plastic garden mesh.

I went with the same one pictured above, I didn’t use the one that I cut every other bar out of because the cuts made sharp points.

They’re pretty easy to make out of rope/string/cord, by the way:

Might take a few minutes to do but the real benefit over buying one premade is in making it to a preferred size both in area and spacing.

I’ve been considering making one with a really fine mesh for the grobo to see what all the fuss is about. :wink:


I’ll give it a go, thanks for sharing!

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Nice work, look forward to seeing you put it to use.

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Man I wish I had paid better attention while I was in the Coast Guard about making stuff like this.


@vegetato any chance you could post some step by step instructions on making one? :grin:

Never mind, I didn’t manage to take the time to scroll up far enough to see the video.

Still need to make one more. Can take some instruction pics/vid when I do.


Check out these instructions as well: Tie your own SCROG net | Rollitup It’s basically the same thing but on a pole, it’s much better way to do larger scrogs.


What type of knot are you using? Look forward to your instructions!