Just purchased Premium! Switching from Cloudponics!

Hey Guys, Had Cloudponics for the past year, first few grows were great and net. 5-7oz however their support is absolutely horrible. Box was damaged on delivery, I fixed it. Couldn’t buy new pieces after growing for 1.5 years from them either. Needed new EC/PH sensors because they were going bad, took forever to figure out why the plants were burning even when little to no nutes was in. Just glad to be done! Total nightmare.

Been reading a lot on Grobo and it seems so much easier than what I was doing. Only have a few questions:

Sensors - What are they and do you have worry about them? How long do these last?

Is the app to control grobo iOS driven, didn’t see anything in the App Store or is it simply just web based?

Can you override anything like EC/PPM inside recipes by chance or manually during grow if for some reason its needed? Or is everything just set and it is what it is?


Hey there,

Support with grobo is mostly fantastic. Knowledgeable users always willing to help In this forum!

A lot of the questions I cannot answer, but the app is iOS compatible. I had an issue with my iPhones safari utilizing the support site, but that was easily remedied by using chrome on the iOS device. The app word should be used loosely. It’s a web GUI


Very cool! Thanks! Definitely like the fact its not app but web based, much easier. Tech junkie here!


I’ll probably like you just fine

Welcome aboard


@OneBadGrow, Ive only got 16 days with my unit but, as of yet there is no way to control EC/PPM inside recipes for growers. The app is web based but can be accessed by iOS, Mac etc… As far as the sensors I don’t have the skinny on that but Grobo does have extended warranty that could help. Because I’m not an expert yet let’s have some champions chime in just incase I got something wrong. @chris_barfield, @Osage, @Todd.grobo, @LtcTerps.


I didn’t do the warranty yet but figured I probably will after the first few months just to be safe.

With Cloudponics I was able to adjust EC by putting in a negative value. Had a lot of issues with burning. Was just curious how agile Grobo really is. Excited for mine to come in soon…


Most people who have trouble usually discuss alternatives here or put in a support ticket to have things adjusted for now.
Read as many post as you can before your unit is delivered because you will find most answers there, we seem to discuss every aspect of growing here on allgrowers! However you are gonna miss the quantity of harvest your cloudponics produced, Grobo might yet be more gratifying!


Can’t override ec/ppm mich better customer service than the other companies but could still showni improvement… I wouldn’t worry too much about the sensors inside the grobo since they are blue lab and well everyone knows blue lab is the best out unless your on a commercial scale and even that blue lab is still one of the top brands


Thanks. Yeah I only ask because I was burned and dumped thousands into cloudponics. lol

I hope Grobo puts an EC override in, I know they have a lot of recipes but if something isn’t listed then basically your just guessing a recipe and cant go off of a grow chart. Glad their support is good though, makes a world of a difference!

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They have generic recipes and you can email and ask them to change ph and ec to whatever you like



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Definitely try to read through the forum as stated, lots of info already stated in them. Support is fantastic and if ur plants having trouble it’s normally fixed within a week at most depending on concern. As long as you can put the unit in a well controlled environment you should be all set no issues. Temp of res and temp/humidity of grow space should be monitored! :call_me_hand: have fun and would love to see photos if you have any??

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On the new grow page if you dont see your strain at the very bottom is a request link for you to put it in. Just select generic to start and they should have it updated in time for any nutrient changes down the road.

I have the warranty on my machines and have replaced a total five parts between the two of them. I have some spare items now to keep plants going in the event of an emergency


What parts needed to be replaced?

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What parts should I order for spares?
Ordered my Growbo yesterday and very excited to get started!

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@OneBadGrow, @KeyserKush,







Extra set of Nutrient Bottles…



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I don’t have my unit yet but I have spoken with support from grobo and this site is honestly great. I’ve got lots of help and recommendations along with just speaking with people about random topics. I have even scrolled through a lot of threads and have seen people with issues with a bad grow or something failing and the people on this forum come to the rescue so I believe you will really like it here. I do :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Top fan for the lights once.
Two times the air stone same machine
Pump to fill and drain unit
Pump for one of the nute bottles
Door seal