Just got my grobo

Hello all! I Just received my grobo premium! I just finished my white widow seed from canuk farms. Curious as to when I was filling the grobo it stopped me at the lower water line … is that normal ? Or should I fill it to high fill for germ stage ?


Yup its ok. Youll top it up in 4 days or 5 maybe

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Oh cool! I ended up dumping 2 cups into the resovoir but decided to drain it all and refill so it accounted for the right amount of water. Can’t wait!


Never manually add water. New features coming out down the road will eliminate many unknowns like this. Especially for new people. Dont stress. Be patient for a few weeks now.



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image Stephen Grobo Team - Horticulturalist

  • Your seed is tucked into it’s dampened coco pod and should be dangling above the water, allowing the airstone to send it’s bubbles to the surface, keeping the coco pod at the perfect moisture/oxygen mix to allow your seed to pop.

  • (The top would feel a little damp and the bottom might feel a little soaked for the Bubbler water splatters up to the coco-pod to help keep it moist):

  • (You don’t want the [coco-pod] sitting in the water): (Just dangling above the water):


  • (Yes , click [fill] once): :white_check_mark:




Yes I did just start the white widow haha my mistake on that and the water line now is in between high and low. When I first filled the grobo it stopped me at the low fill water line, so I tried to click “fill”in the app but it would only let me click it Once and then it would automatically stop from manually filling. So I just left the water in the middle(between high and low ) I do check in on the coco pod and the water is touching the pod so hopefully I’ll see some sign of life soon! (Also when filling, are you suppose to click “fill”once and it fills or do I have to hold down “fill” I’m so new to this :sweat_smile::joy:)


Just be careful, the coco pod should be moist yes, but it shouldn’t be touching the water. Filling to the higher level allows the bubbles from the airstone to keep the pod wet. If it’s touching the water I would push it up slightly so that it isn’t or you’ll run the risk of dampening off.