Just got my Gen 2

I got you. Maybe this isn’t for you. Ask for a refund. I don’t care if it is a dime bag or 10 pounds, your going to wait until it actually happens. Everything is shipping andoving slower than expected. Going to get worse as the holidays kick in.

I cannot see you dealing with the plant issues you are no doubt going to have.

You must know company websites are behind real-time warehouse shipping. Did you call and verbally place your order? I could understand your level of frustration if they told you directly that you would have the box by a certain time.

How many times you been in a restaurant and they didn’t have a menu advertised item?

I have been to Mercedes to get a car. They had hundreds of expensive cars on the lot just like the salesman and their website said. When I got there with my money :moneybag:, the one I wanted was gone. I had to wait on my expensive car…Wow…

You are going to complain when the plant doesn’t grow right, when the box leaks, when the app freezes, and when the harvest is less than what you wished. Get out now before you cause yourself more stress. They will give you your money back since your box has not shipped. Good Luck man.

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I can’t imagine why we won’t be seeing eye to eye here.


Keep me posted as to when your box comes in and upload some pics through your build process!!

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It is out for delivery, so am ready. :grinning: I am going to open it right away and see about that wire, if it is short or not. I want to get that handled right away. Also check out the water shield and make sure it fits.


You will be fine. It can get a little frustrating at times is what people mean. Some days I open mine and then start worrying it is not this or that or growing like it should and all kinds of things. :grinning:

I would build up a little stash in case, as this is a long 5 month process really with curing and if it gets delayed or goes bad, you might need some to get you by.


Hey Stephen do we need to call support to get the kit or do u guys already know who might need them?


He said they knew and were sending them out starting next week.

I was short 8 screws, need a smaller door hinge, need a longer grey wire and not sure if I need the water level piece or not, but thinking I might need it too.

Got everything in. Went to set up. Calibrated EC meter. App recommends “health check”. I do “health check” and it forces me to calibrate. I calibrate, it forces me to do a “health check”. Then it forces me to calibrate.

Please help.

EDIT: Restarted machine, cant get out of this endless loop. If I was accidentally sent a broken EC meter on top of everything, I won’t be surprised but I will absolutely be disappointed.

EDIT 2: Spoke to Todd at Grobo. They mentioned that I may need to update the firmware on the Grobo 2 unit. Of course, you can’t get to the settings in the app where this can be done until you pass the calibration screen.

Damn! So what’s ur options at this point? Sounds like a headache! Just got my box but I won’t get around to putting it together til tomorrow.


I feel for you dude, seems like you have inadvertently been a beta tester for the grobo 2 and have encountered every bug possible!


Yeah, I’m not stoked. At this point, the Grobo has become the most expensive mistake I’ve ever made. The machine is now technically assembled but totally broken without any possibility for repair on my end.

I specifically stated that I can not get past the setup process to get into the main menu. I sent screenshots that demonstrate this. Todd emailed me back this:

So I understand you have built the unit and are in the processing of calibrating and you’re experiencing an endless EC loop. I have not heard of that yet on these units, I will definitely share that with the team. Are you able to skip this step after a power cycle?

I do see your unit connected online with the original firmware still on. Can you try updating your firmware via Settings / About my Grobo?

If you’ve still saved that EC calibration solution you are more than welcome to try calibrating again with the newest firmware updated and let me know how it goes. I will report back your findings to the team!

So I’m not sure where to go from here. Odd he hasn’t heard anything about this from other users of the Gen 2. I wonder why? Maybe they’ll update the app and I’ll be able to update the firmware, but it will require recalibration using liquid I no longer have any more of. Maybe the probe is broken. Maybe it’s a ghost. Who knows.

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I’m just curious if any of you did ANY research before buying. Us Gen 1’s are still beta testers in a sense. We still have issues, but support is TOP NOTCH and takes care of issues as soon as possible. So cool your jets. I understand it’s a lot of money, but you could’ve bought a Seedo or Leaf and either never got your product or the company already went under. There are issues, and grobo has already seen them and addressed them. Relax, take a breath, and you’ll be growing in no time.

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No, I’m not going to “relax” about this. Yes, Grobo is a company that has consistently shown to be reasonable at customer support. No, its not normal for a product to have all these issues. Yes, they should have messaged me as soon as I placed my order to explain the situation. No, it’s not unreasonable to be frustrated after getting the missing parts and then having the app freeze me out of using the machine.

So yes, I could have bought from some other company that went under. But no, I didn’t. And perhaps I’ll be growing in no time, but as of now - I’m just not growing.


How did you get all the replacement parts already, I am still waiting? They said might not start shipping them until next week I thought?

Hi there I’m running into the same problem with short wires. How did u fix this problem ?

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All my wires were correct except the grey wire that goes from bottom of grobo to top of grobo. Other then that my box is in pretty good shape. Just stopped a little more than halfway becuz I’m waiting on cord to finish.


Nothing we can do. A lot of issues, yes…

The more we try to help, the more it fuels his fire :fire:.

This one says step back and wait.

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Put in a ticket. They will ship you out the missing part

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