Just got my Gen 2

No way to make it fit, and I’m not cutting anything that comes with this expensive unit. No slack on the wires. Talking to Grobo support now, hopefully they can solve this.


Hey @preciousroy,

We are here for you! Sounds like you have a Gen 1 ribbon cable, the team will chat and send you the correct parts you need asap. Thanks for the feedback.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much for that. Hopefully they’ll be able to do the same re: the cable from the bottom water level sensor to the PCB. Can’t grow anything without that.

I appreciate the support. I will definitely keep the thread updated with any and all progress.


I think mine shipped the same day, do you think this is on a lot of the first ones?

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Bummer! Yea mine is due to arrive Tomorrow I hope it has all the right parts in it.

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So it turns out I will be getting a replacement water level sensor, ribbon cable and some new tape for the fan. The door hinge pin sticks, and I assume I’ll need to pound it in with a hammer. Updates soon!


OK, I am worried this happened to “all” the units that shipped that day. They just started making them and you got yours a day or 2 before others it seems. So mine was made with yours I would think.

I guess I will find out tomorrow.

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I feel the same way as u do! I really hope that’s not the case. That means more waiting! :sleepy: I hope it comes in perfect condition, :crossed_fingers:t3: I don’t want a dinged up expensive new purchase. :tired_face:


The Gen 2 box was supposed to fix all of the shipping and damage issues. You guys are the 1st. Be patient. Unfortunately the 1st are the folk who have the issues that are fixed later in most new releases.

Stephen, Todd, and Stacey will get you right. It may take some time and work, but you will be up and growing.

The one thing I have gathered in my box troubles, they care and will do what they can. They can’t replace lost time or fix our anxiety, but they will get you up and growing real soon. :sunglasses:


The UPS damage you can really do little about, it’s how they treat large heavy packages most times. At least with assembling it yourself, you can fix the crooked door or seal it better as I know the door on my original Grobo now is not right and light leaks out every seam just about, kinda off from shipping before I think.

I look forward to little tweaks and things so this is for me. I know I bellyache :rofl: at times, usually medicated :rofl: but should be exciting.


Not looking good :grinning: someone else just said their cord was short too.

I wonder if Groibo should try to get a head of this, and just start sending out longer cords and things “today” to the people they know probably got one of the first units.


I didn’t order a Gen 2 box. I ordered a Gen 1 box, which is advertised as pre-assembled. Turns out when I ordered it, they didn’t even have any in stock (despite the “next day shipping” claim) and I got an email 3 weeks later saying that I’ve been “upgraded” to a brand new version that I need to build myself. That would also take 3 weeks to ship.

So now I’ve waited 6 weeks for a product that admittedly fixes a lot of issues with Gen 1 - but those were problems that Grobo was having, and I’m not an employee so there’s no real “upgrade” on my end. Beyond that, it doesn’t even come with the correct parts to build it yourself, which feels like the ultimate frustrating cherry on top. I have tried to, as you instructed, “be patient”.

Additionally, if the website said “the product you ordered now will be shipped two weeks before their Black Friday sale” then I would have just bought it during the sale. Yeah, Grobo can’t replace lost time or fix anxiety, and of course they will replace the parts required to make the machine run - if they didn’t, I’d imagine everyone would be contacting their credit card companies pretty quick. I appreciate that they’re not being incredibly difficult about this, but that’s not enough to compensate for all these issues.


On the one hand, I feel you/we are getting a much better unit in the Grobo 2 so that delay is a good thing. I have the original and if the 2 works out, might even sell the original and get another Grobo 2 as I like a lot of the new features. :grinning:

The “assembling” I was not crazy about as I am not handy and “medicated” all the time, :rofl: but I will give it a shot. It can’t be that hard, I know probably a pain and take me forever, but we can make it a little more solid, so I will do it. Also they said it kept the cost down, so instead of the price going up after all these years for a better unit, it went down a little.

The “mix up” in the parts? It happens and nothing we can do. Yes, it will be a bummer for my weekend, but can’t do anything about it, so not going to let it ruin it. Worst thing is, I have a seed starting in some paper towels, but it will keep another week if I has to.

I would be a little let down if 2 weeks later it goes on sale, but nothing we can do about it.

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This is my first experience with Grobo and I initially had a lot of apprehensions, so this experience is all I have to color my opinion of the company. This doesn’t ruin my weekend, but it’s cost me an entire grow cycle of medicine that I now need to buy retail.

Additionally, I purchased the unit because I need the medicine after spinal surgery - so getting it sprung on me that this was a DIY project 3 weeks after I plopped 2 grand on it (and told by CS that there’s no Gen 1s that they could send) was a bit more than a “bummer” for me.

This is kind of like going into the McDonalds drive-thru to get a Big Mac and recieving a paper bag full of Lobster Bisque with a note that “a spoon is in the mail”. Sorry if I seem somewhat irate at comments like “be patient” and “it happens” – but I don’t have a ton of money to be throwing around. I wish I had another unit to fall back on, or I was just someone who needed to have the newest version of some fancy grow box technology but I just purchased this so I wouldn’t have to choose between being in pain or eating white bread sandwiches for dinner so I can get some medicine to relieve it.


I think a lot of the shipping and delays are due to COVID-19. I ordered a Cannatrol dry/cure box and they told me they are at the mercy of the suppliers and their shipping. He said the website says 3 weeks because that is what they told Us… I can respect that.

I have to offer this to you. Your concerns and gripes are ALL relevant and should be addressed.
However, this is the weed game. Legal or not…it is just that. Same folk same experiences. As a buyers, we all have been delayed and disappointed many times. We cussed, fussed, and still waited until we got it. Most of us chalk it up to the game and plan on it happening. (We order earlier than we need…Not saying you needed to…).

Just know you are going to get a great product. Be happy they delayed you for the Gen 2. Both boxes you have to take apart to do things. Trust me, the Gen 2 is a life saver once you get going. I have 4 Gen 1 boxes. @Stephen, I wish :crossed_fingers: they would trade them out.

You are going to have maintenance issues, upgrades/additions, and a need to get inside to clean. Gen 1 is a pain. Gen 2 looks like Legos. You can take it apart and easily put it back together. It is made to be flexible for the grower. They did you a favor. Again, I felt bad when the announced the Gen 2, I was putting my Gen 1s together. I said Damn!

Just my opinion. You are good and will be very happy real soon. Stay flexible, you know the dealer is going to take his time getting you your stuff. It is the nature of our industry.


I don’t doubt that the Grobo is a great product. From everything I’ve seen and read, once it’s up and running - it’s one of the best tools out there to make your own medicine. Ultimately, if you say that the design tweaks make the Gen 2 an easier machine to maintain than the Gen 1 - I believe you.

We can agree to disagree with our general attitude about the “game” as you put it. This is 2021 and I’m not buying a dimebag from someone at Washington Square Park, I’m buying a computer. On the website I ordered from, when I ordered, it touted next day shipping and an in-stock product. I don’t know what industry you’re in, or what the nature of it is - but generally, when I order a piece of tech it arrives when it says it will - with all the parts needed to use it.

It’s not unreasonable to be frustrated that it took six weeks to arrive. It’s not unreasonable to be frustrated that it didn’t have all the parts needed for use. Yes, support did quickly respond and send replacement parts. Yes, I still plan on being very happy with the product once I can use it - but acting like I should be happy that Grobo (a medium-sized tech company with 8 rounds of major investments and thousands of units sold) has more reliability than a stereotypical pot dealer strikes me as incredibly presumptuous.

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I got you. Maybe this isn’t for you. Ask for a refund. I don’t care if it is a dime bag or 10 pounds, your going to wait until it actually happens. Everything is shipping andoving slower than expected. Going to get worse as the holidays kick in.

I cannot see you dealing with the plant issues you are no doubt going to have.

You must know company websites are behind real-time warehouse shipping. Did you call and verbally place your order? I could understand your level of frustration if they told you directly that you would have the box by a certain time.

How many times you been in a restaurant and they didn’t have a menu advertised item?

I have been to Mercedes to get a car. They had hundreds of expensive cars on the lot just like the salesman and their website said. When I got there with my money :moneybag:, the one I wanted was gone. I had to wait on my expensive car…Wow…

You are going to complain when the plant doesn’t grow right, when the box leaks, when the app freezes, and when the harvest is less than what you wished. Get out now before you cause yourself more stress. They will give you your money back since your box has not shipped. Good Luck man.

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I can’t imagine why we won’t be seeing eye to eye here.


Keep me posted as to when your box comes in and upload some pics through your build process!!

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It is out for delivery, so am ready. :grinning: I am going to open it right away and see about that wire, if it is short or not. I want to get that handled right away. Also check out the water shield and make sure it fits.