Just got involved

just got my own grobo

was wondering if there was a light swtich timer of some sorts

and how long i should expect for uk delivery


pls sm1 lemme know how long for uk delivetry

Hey, What’s Up… WELCOME!!

Not Sure About The Delivery Time…
BUT… The Grobo Is Pretty Much A “DO IT ALL” Has Everything Ready To Go. Light Is Automated, On A Timer. Fans Kick On By Themselves As Needed. Add Water And Grow.:grin:
Just Gotta Keep Up With A Few Lil Things, Water Level, Temps In The Room, But Not Too Bad.

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thank you !

but please someone be in contact about uk delivry times much love <3


This is not their customer support. If you havent gotten an email yet when its shipped you will and it will have an arrival estimated date. Until then welcome to the forums.


Welcome fellow :uk: :wink:!

Just go 4 wks from your order & any less is a bonus :wink:

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@gmann thank u fellow tomato grower also if u know how long nutes last id be grateful

and can u refill the bottles w ur own nutes :o

Depends on your grow I’ve used 21/2 bottles on one grow but each are different unless I’m wrong, fellow growers ???


The nutes, The grobo Grower & grobo themselves All work together so if you break the chain with your unknown nutes all hell would break out im sure :thinking:!:wink:!

The amount of used is purly down to each grow/water type etc

The only one I’ve had to change on this grow after 2 previous failures is the Acidic N°2 & if honest I think that was down to me not ever doing a Probe Callibration from new :roll_eyes: yeah I know :flushed:!:flushed:!..

Didnt cause my issues tho :expressionless:!.. I think :thinking:!

That was another silly mistake of mine :sob::sweat_smile::rofl:

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