Just did a refill and something’s up

Seems like every time I refill it shocks the system. This time it used a ton of each nutrient and when I did the refill it filled up to the high fill line which is higher than it filled it last time, left the house for a few hours and it looks like the leaves are drooping a bit. Any suggestions while support is closed for the weekend?

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I feel that the pod is to low is there a sticker that indicates to put that low if not you need to flush the pod with the panel. My want to clean the ph probes is dirty? But that’s just me any other want to take a hit at this this ?


Your pod is to low. It needs to be level with lid unless u have one of the old units. Maybe something up with your water level sensors. Definitely shouldn’t be filling to high fill sensor! I would definitely put in a support ticket and manually remove some water because support want respond till Monday. Make sure the pod isn’t getting to wet. Roots look a little brown to me. Are u using any additives other than Grobo nutrients? What is your water temps maintaining at?


What is your water source (tap, distilled, r/o, etc)? Any idea what the starting pH of your water is?

Is it just the lighting in the pics, or are the stems quite red?

My guess would be that the initial shock you’re noticing is due to how long it takes the grobo to bring the water to where it wants to be, here’s why:

  • It looks like you’ve used about twice as much of the 2nd bottle than anything else. That’s abnormal, perhaps a sign that the water is at a very high starting pH or contains something that is making it hard to lower the pH, or something is fighting against it (raising it) as it is trying to lower it.
  • If the pH isn’t right the nutrient uptake won’t be right.
  • An over-abundance of red stems could be a sign of a possible nutrient uptake issue.





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Thanks for your response, it’s been going good this past week with new growth although there has been more browning on the roots there has also been new fresh growth on the roots that looks white and not affected. I just got some recharge as well as a ppm Meter and also a pH meter plus some cal mag coming in the mail later. so I was thinking of starting with 1 1/2 tsp recharge to start and re calibrating the ec probe and double checking with my ppm for now. The stems are pretty red however over the past couple weeks it looks like the green has been creeping back in from the bottom up and some parts are completely green now, will let you know what the pH reading is once the meter comes. Still so annoying I can’t just get access to the readings the Grobo is taking why is it some secret. What do you think about starting with recharge?


Recharge is definitely at good product as I used it with my first grow. It makes for a mess to clean up after grow is over. Also as a side note it did stop my drain pump up and I had to perform a little surgery on it. I don’t use it any more with my Grobo grow because of that. Only additive I am using is hydroguard weekly after drain and fill and Grobo nutrients have dispensed. I am also using big bud too now since I am in flower.

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@robert_kiernan I thought i replied to this yesterday, sorry to delay.

My opinion would be that using recharge can mess with the pH/EC even more, so I wouldn’t suggest adding it.

By the way, are you using tap water or distilled water?

My thoughts are that your probe may need calibration if it’s not the water source. Everything else looks good so far as your pics show.

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