Just curious on recipes

Just wondering if ANYONE has had a decent yield grow that started and ended per the Grobo recipe only using Grobo nutes? Just asking because my two grows (1 was an auto) have had to be extended MULTIPLE times. Just wondering if anyone has been successful with the true recipe timeline.


If you cut your plant at all you should be extending. So the time frame becomes inaccurate. I have and almost always do :slight_smile:


I keep track of my own schedules so the next time I run that strain I will know the best timeline! :eyes::seedling:


I’ve found it varies based on strain and how much I meddle with them. On plants that I’ve topped, then lollipoped and defoliated, I often have to extend twice. My current grow is half way through a second extend and might extend again. Which is odd for a Cinderella 99, I’ve read they have a short harvest time.