Just a few questions for Grobo

Just curious as units are being shipped currently, will there be more updates in the forums. Like what may be coming down the pipe for grobo besides the new units to customers. Will there be a actual downloadable app from the app stores for androids or Apple users eventually and when could you expect to get to it if in the plans. Just gonna throw a few more in bullets.
-More grow recipes and updates or how to videos
-possible physical add ons upcoming or in r&d currently
-what the next step for grobo as a team is besides more units to more customers
-more monthly updates now that the units are being publicly released

If I come up with more I’ll just add them into this thread

You guys have come a long way and can’t wait to get my grobo unit


I’m personally waiting and expecting the announcement of the second generation of Grobo. I hear it now.

“Now introducing, the GroboToo!”

(Bjorn, if you call it the GroboToo I wasn’t 2% of profits for coming up with the name.)

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Yes! We are always working on new things.

  • There are already ~50 grow recipes with more being added each day. Do you know what you want to grow?
  • We have started making how to videos and the first one is actually live now! We just built a small filming studio this week so more content will be coming shortly: How to Harvest Cannabis (2020 Update) - YouTube
  • Eventually we will build native apps, but for now they can be accessed from any device by going to my.grobo.io
  • R&D on add-ons and new products is ongoing and we’ll share more info as soon as we can

@SterlingNico We were thinking Grobo Two but Grobo Too has a neat ring to it as well! I’ll keep the profit sharing in mind :wink:

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That’s all great to hear and I’ll give that video a look shortly.

I’m gonna make a list of the little booklet my sister gave me of vegetables and herbs and maybe you could help me out with the recipes that are currently available from the list I make here

Mini bell peppers mixed
White Boston lettuce
Sow easy lettuce
Brandywine red tomato
Cherry tomato mix
Dill aneth
Boston pickling cucumber

I’ve also got cannabis seeds but I’m gonna hold off on those until a later date.

Let me know which of those seeds you have recipes for as my girlfriend and myself want to grow veggies and herbs as we cook a lot and currently can’t grow anything outside and don’t want to make a garden in my backyard until I buy a different house in the coming year or so. Super excited to get growing in the grobo and can’t wait to see all the future progress you guys make.



Great list! In my Grobo I grew some phenomenal basil a few months ago.

I’ll let @Stephen reply to you on this question though since he leads the creation of our grow recipes!


When will you post more videos like the one above? Interested to see more videos like this.

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We have a few more in the pipeline right now (some are being edited and others filmed). Are there any topics you would love to learn more about? We’re happy to take requests!

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Maybe would like to see an unboxing/set up video while giving a rundown on the way. Another question would be is the box large enough to grow 2 plants side-by-side or would having 2 boxes be more optimal? @bjorn

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Nice list Daniel,

Some of the recipes currently available include:

Bell pepper
Jalapeno pepper
Mulato Isleno pepper
Scotch Bonnet pepper
Tiny Tim tomato
Golden Nugget Cherry tomato
Lemon Balm
Baby Romaine lettuce
Butterhead lettuce
Green/Red Leaf lettuce

Coming this month from your list:

Of course we have over 50 cannabis recipes, looking to double that in January.


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Great suggestion - we’re working on the unboxing video already!

Grobo is only designed to grow one plant at a time so it’s best to have two boxes!


@bjorn great progress on everything so far! Just wondering about the unboxing video mentioned above, have you guys made your final edits to the video yet?


Hi @rich,

Unfortunately we discovered some sound quality issues in editing where the audio would cut out or pick up large amounts of background noise. We ordered and just received some new lavalier microphones to make sure that you can actually hear us the whole time. Re-filming is scheduled for tomorrow and we’ll share the link ASAP!

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Hi Bjorn,

New updates and videos sent out were very cool! Glad to see the unit in action, and let me say that it looks absolutely amazing! Continued success for you guys at Grobo!

Take care!