Jack Herer - Gen 2

It looks like we finally got the Grobo 2 off and running though not as smoothly as I would have liked. We are looking at this grow as an experiment and really just want to get used to the new box, as it is pretty different. Certainly not what we are used to compared to our Grobo 1. It’s been challenging.

Ordered on Good Friday and delivered the very next Tuesday. That was fast!

Construction seemed to go pretty well but at the end we learned we would need a part and waited patiently for it to arrive. That seemed to do the trick and today we fired the new box up. After a handful of restarts if final connected and we were able to add our bean.

We kept getting the “Reconnect To WiFi” pop up even though by all accounts we were connected. So after a few more pop ups we tried to reconnect and landed on “Connecting To WiFi” screen and stayed there. On the About My Grobo page it showed connection and Firmware up to date but still the Reconnect warning keeps popping up.

The lid won’t lay flat due to the drain and fill hoses. I keep trying to push them in or down but simply no room so the lid sits cockeyed and it feels like light will surely get in there. Maybe it’s the whole water sensor guard as it doesn’t seam to fit in there well at all.

Read a few times so far that the Gen 2 had emptied out onto the floor so after the fill we placed the hoses in a 5 gallon bucket just because we were nervous. After a bit we say that some water was coming out from the hoses, maybe just a couple of cups or so. But oddly when I put the hose back up along the side of the Grobo, it seemed to stop. So I left it there and have been checking on it every now and again.

We decided that things are so different with this version that this is just going to be a test grow to get the unit dialed in and work out as many kinks that may or not arise.

One thing we certainly changed is where we are going to keep the PH and EC sensors. We like to clean and calibrate each month and where the sensors are supposed to be tucked away, down at the bottom of the water sensors does not lend itself to easy and quick access, especially when roots start to come into play, so we found some suction cup clips at the pet store and stuck them to the side. Seems to be working nicely.

The lid may be cockeyed, the app tells me to connect when by all accounts it’s connected but there is a bean in the pod and it seems to be holding water. I’m calling it a day and will check on it in the morning!


Water looks really low. Mine filled to the top water sensor during germination

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I took that picture as it was filling to show the D&F hoses and how we handled the PH and EC sensors. It eventually filled completely.


Like that idea on the ph and ec sensor. Looks nice and easy to get too.


I also had some problem’s with the lid not seating very well because of the hoses. And the plexi glass guard dose not want to stay in place it keeps going cockeyed. I definitely like the setup for your sensors, my only concern is when the roots get big if they will interfere with readings as there not behind the plexi glass. But I’m new to this and have no clue


This is reminiscent of how the Grobo 1 is set up and shouldn’t provide much disruption to the root system. At least not as much disruption it would by moving the entire water shield to get to them. We feel that because we do frequent sensor care that this was a better option for us.


I don’t have much problem with the lid going on, as you just slide your fingers around and push it down. Mine is flat, I just looked at it. If the hoses pop up to much and mine did too, push them down and even back under the front some where the pump is. Same with the plastic water shield, fool with the hoses and wires until you get where it doesn’t move a lot.

I am going to leave it like designed for now, as that is a selling feature making it so easy to remove by just lifting that one piece out. Grobo 1 was a lot different and harder to get the tank out when needed. :grinning: I will use a meter to check the levels, you dont have to take it a part and recalibrate all the time I dont think Then if you see a problem you can do more, just how I do it.

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I can only see needing to take the tank out when giving it a good clean In between grows so that’s not a huge benefit for us. I guess I can see your point about using a peripheral meter to check the PH and not disturb the ones that come with the Grobo but why would I spend the additional money? This feature was one of the reasons we purchased the first one and now the second generation. I just don’t get the logic. Kinda like washing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. Why not just wash the dishes?

We’ll let the box do what it’s supposed to do. We just wanted those sensors in a more accessible area is all. We all do our thing a little different.

The good news is that all seems to be working so far. Only day 2 but I’m really impressed that I got it built and it seems to be doing its thing as I’m not the handiest person I know.

I’ll probably check in with support tomorrow to make sure both boxes are calibrated in range and online with an appropriate signal just so I feel confident with the new grows.


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Germination (Day 5 / 10)


Love the idea of the placement of your EC and pH probes. What are the suction cups called so I can check them out? Thanks in advance!


Just search for Aquarium Heater Suction Cups. They are a good size.


Day 6 - No roots in the water yet but i feel like I should pull the wick anyway as the pod is absolutely soaked through. The underside of the lid is saturated with water droplets as well. Just getting way too much water too early.

Not sure how to go about drying out the pod some and saving the little gal.

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Germination (Day 7 / 10)

Pulled the wick as she is far too saturated.

The water level is at the top sensor as it should be but with how it sits in there, if it is not sitting in there correctly, like mine takes a bit to get fitted down in there, maybe the water levels are not being measured correctly as the plastic guard and three water sensors is all one piece now. Ours sits in there awkwardly.

The seedling looks a bit weak compared to our other 3 grows. I think she’s drowning.

I don’t have a fan that I can put in there and the new one isn’t scheduled to pop on yet.

I am glad we are running this as a test grow to get these things ironed out. Looks like we may end up going through a few seeds. Kinda expected.

Tomorrow will be the first water change so we will see how that goes.


@stacey.grobo and @Stephen - thanks for the reply to the support ticket. I will reply to that directly by Monday, when you are back in the office.


The 1st water change seemed to go well today and nutrients have dispensed. I had to play around to get the fan to come on but it is finally working and should help dry the pod out some as it is still very wet.

This new interior fan is very strong. I was under the impression that you did not need much air movement.

Also, does anyone know where/how fresh air is brought into the Gen 2…?

A couple tiny roots are pushing through.


I have my fan off right now in Grobo 2 as it is very strong, day 9 and no roots touching the water yet. I lost my first seed to drying out, so I been watching and keeping mine wet manually until the roots reach the water.


I have the opposite problem going on here. My pod if far too wet. Trying to get it to dry out a bit. I feel like the water level may be off as my sensor shield doesn’t seem to fit all that great in the reservoir. It’s kinda wonky.

I really like how you can make adjustments to the coco pod in the Gen 1 by raising it up if too wet to combat damping off.


Mine was super soggy after I took off wick but the fan dried it out quick for me in the gen 2 maybe a day and I could totally tell the difference. I just waited 4 days into fan being on and that didn’t help.


Found my fan on top of my plant again today.

Had used Gorilla Glue but that too has failed. Had to rig it up with one of the drying wires.

Saw this trick from a @TheDogMan post - nice temporary fix!

Last I heard from support, sometime last week, they said they have a fix for this and are now sanding the backs of the fans prior to sticking on the magnets and that seems to be working for most growers so I guess that will have to be next.