Jack and the Beanstock

Hope everyone is well, been a while since I posted.

Here is the latest. Jack (Jack Herer Fem) on the left and Beanstock (Kushy Kush Fem) on the right. Beanstock just got a hair cut and some topping and bending. She is tall. Day 3 of flowering and starting to see some sites popping up.

Bonus pick. My wife found a seed (who knows) and planted it in her Farm XL as that side became vacant. To our surprise seems she might be a girl. At this stage the Farm XL has been working surprisingly well.

Questions? Hit me up.


Nice very nice set up


Duuuuude. Killer setup! I’m really thinking about a second Grobo and I’m only in day 2 of transition/flower. Looking good! :pray: :clap: :muscle: #inspiration