Its official

I just placed my order I am so happy. Cant wait. Now just seeds. Ugh dont know what site to use.


Congrats on your purchase. Please review your previous thread

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Got it thank you.

I have only shopped seedsman so far because they accepted credit cards and had the strain I was looking for. There are so many websites to buy from, if you post what area you are from it could help others to recommend by location so you can have your seeds faster.

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Good idea I’m living in Connecticut USA.

Nirvana has the best priced seeds I have seen. And they made it to me.

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Just keep in mind most places may not accept your form of payment unless you set up a zelle account so before you waist a whole day picking out a strain check to see that you qualify financially. If ordering from foreign countries pay the extra money to ensure your package doesn’t get held up at customs because if you lose your package this way it will not be replaced. Seedsman has low prices and gives extra seeds for making a purchase they accept credit cards but they are not real fast (two weeks) insurance cost more than my seed but it is still cheaper than many other places with or without insurance. First seed popped with only a half day germination. Good luck and take your time shopping.

Ageeed, I bypassed a lot of those sites as I didn’t want to setup “zelle” and prefer a CC transaction for my safety

Every seed company I’ve ever purchased from offers free seed throw-ins for your order. Have yet to find one that didn’t

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About to order my grobo


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@Chef .ilovegrowingmarijuana com
Had some good luck here