It's almost time!

Just made my last payment!!!

So freaking excited about this thing i can’t even express it! Why am I nerding out so hardcore over this thing? I have no idea!!!

Can’t wait until I get my shipping statement!! AHHH!

(Ok just had to get that out there.) ::muddles back to work::


How it comes that you already did payments and me didn’t receive any notices? Also did preorder last year. Just interested what’s the timeline for shipping for those who preorderd last year?

@Sterlin Nico Hope you’ll give us some insights soon!

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Hmmm. Good question. I opted in on the monthly payment plan they offered a while back. I’m assuming if you weren’t in that you’ll be getting a full bill when your unit is ready to ship.

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Hey growers! You are absolutely correct @SterlingNico, the payment plan started back in August and one had to opt in to participate. Sorry you missed it @fanatic, but at this point you will be billed in full once your Grobo has been brought to life and is ready to ship. We will contact you directly to finalize shipment and payment.

Our goal is to begin shipping units to our 1st early adopters beginning at the end of April. (Think 420…:seedling:)

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Hello Stephen, hope all is good on your end. I submitted my newsletter a few months ago and never received an email concerning the payment and all the necessary details. Can you update me regarding when can I make a Grobo order?
Thanks in advance

Is it true that you only ship to North America and some parts of Europe? You don’t ship to Asia? :frowning:

@Stephen When will we get a notice for the billing? So I can save my bucks for that moment :wink:. Would love to get more information on when I can expect my Grobo to arrive. And what I have to expect for shipping and customs because I live in Europe. Will you send some individualized information on those topics to the preorder crowd? Really looking forward to have a grobo at home!

Hi AliAnnan,

We are opening up our 2nd round of pre-orders this spring to be delivered beginning in August. Our retail price is currently $1500 USD, but if you join our newsletter, you will find discounts available once we reopen orders.

We can currently guarantee shipping to North America and the EU and hopefully with time we should be able to ship anywhere.


All of that information will be covered once your Grobo One has been built and is ready to ship. Our goal is to begin shipping to our 1st early adopters by the end of April, so you will hear from us within a couple months. Can’t wait to get you all growing!!



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