Is this the norm

Hi my first white widow outdoor geow, 2.5 weeks old …pistols showing already is this right


They can show at anytime. I was told it’s just showing off its sex.

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Thnk, got me worried seems so early…but they do look healthy.

Do they l99k female to you???

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Yeah that’s fem for sure.

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It kinda looks like it’s starting to flower though just at the top there maybe take a pic of the top of a bud site?

Thank you, ill post more pics soon.






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Hiiii thanks


Def a girl … But if she starting to flower at only two weeks old you might have put her out too early in the season as the days Probly haven’t reached the longer times of light yet … but if you don’t see clusters of pistols showing then she’s just showing preflowers


Mmmm thanks i wa sabout 2 weeks late planting so should be ok

Lpoks like 2 arw flowering, what should i do???,swap veg feed to flower feed ???

Food isn’t the issue, if you are using seeds that are not auto then there must be at least 18 hours of light to be in veg. As the hours get less the plant thinks the season is over and switches to flower.

TLDR: Ensure your plant gets 18 hours a day full light/sun.

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Take them inside under a light when the sun goes down until the the days get longer

Yeah foods not the issue but should i swap fron veg to flower feed now? And there out doors getting 18 hrs a day sun light

I mean if your going to keep it in flowering If it were I’d try and take a clone and re run her the right way and let the mom flower out if you don’t want to reveg cuz that’s more time