Is this normal?

I’m currently growing Pineapple Express on day 39/110. My nutrient bottles are doing well, 3 and 4 seem lower than expected. Is this normal/will it last 70 more days?


Always want to have spares on hand. Also when you do your drain and fills mark the side of the bottles with a sharpie so u can make sure nutrients are being dispensed properly.


I do have another set of bottles. I just thought one set would be one grow. Good trick with the sharpie, I’ll start doing that.

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This depends on the ph of your water, the closest to normal ph as you can get is 6.0 - 6.5 ph. or 1.2 - 2.0 ec
If you start with Ro or distilled water you can get a better ph to work with.
This will help you maintain the grow with less nutrient despensing.

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I am currently using filtered water from a Culligan home system. I’m not too sure the ph, all I know the ppm are under 7.