Is this Mold on my Bud?

First time grower here and wanted to get the communities opinion on this bud. I’m worried I let it get too close to the light and that the slight browning is mold. I included some pictures of other Bud sites for comparison. Can anyone confirm that this is in fact mold?

Day 100 overall (flowering stage day 40 out of 60). Strain is Durban Poison.

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Increase air flow in the unit by placing small fans inside the grobo. What is the rh%? Aim to keep it below 50% at this stage. Fans and keeping the humidity in check will help fight off mold.

The brown/orange we see is not mold. Looks like nute burn or something similar which can happen at this stage of the grow. There is one spot that looks kinda suspicious that I circled in the pic. Can you get more close up shots of that area? Also a shot of the plant completely in frame so we can see its height?

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Thank you for the reply back! I am ordering some extra fans for the Grobo but I’m not sure how to check the rh%. Is that something you’re tracking with the Grobo or do you have an outside device to do that. I tried taking some closer pics of the spot that you circled but it’s hard to get a focus. I will say however that I inspected it closely and there doesn’t appear to be mold. There just seem to be a lot of trichomes there.

I also tried to capture another pic of the problem bud. The bud itself is brown and looks different from the rest. Is this something that I should cut away or leave? This is one of the main colas unfortunately :tired_face: but I’d rather stop the spread, if that applies in this situation.

Also included the last shot of the entire plant to show the height. I’ve attempted some lst to move the colas away from the light because they were getting burnt.

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Here are some more pics of the plant overall if that helps.

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