Is this light burn?

I just trying to getting a second opinion Do you guys think this is light burn ? I’m 34 days into flowering ?


I don’t think it is. When in bloom the plant will often pull nutrients from the leaf’s in order to have enough for the buds, which will give it the nutrient burn appearance. It doesn’t look like it is close enough to the light to cause any burn.


I’m not an expert, but I am seeing nothing out of the ordinary… In fact, I think your plant is a really great height for the Grobo, and looks nice! Take pride in the fact your lady isn’t smashing the top of the Grobo :slight_smile:

@VermontGrobo thanks for chiming in first, I was kinda unsure but I was thinking the same thing!

@Simplegardener17 if you’re referring to the leaves, then I think @VermontGrobo is spot on personally; if you’re referring to the continued white pistils, that’s normal too!

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Ok I did some tying down how this look and I got rid of some leaves like (5)ish

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Also cut this baby out had to


  • (JustInCaseYouAreBurningTryPullingYourColasAwayMoreToTheWall):

  • (MaybeEachSpecies [:dna:] IsDifferentOnSensitivity):


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