Is this damping off?

I checked out my seedling today and it’s starting to lean to one side and the leaves are droopy and spotted. When I started the seedling I put the coco pod a little higher than the last one because it was wicking a lot of water. I guess it was still too far down?

For my next start, how do I prevent this? Should the coco pod even be touching the water during germination or should it be sitting ever so slightly above the water line?


Hey @adang

This does appear to be the effects of “over watering”. No the pod should not be touching the water, it should be hovering just above. The top of the pod needs to be even with the top of the reservoir lid. You could possibly save this plant by gently pushing your pod up so that it is flush with the lid and installing a small fan inside the unit to blow on/dry out the pod. To avoid this in the future all you need to do is position the pod correctly (level with the top of the reservoir lid) and ensure that it is not touching the water down below.



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