Is this a problem?

Day 72, Seemed like all was well with Bruce Banner but today we have multiple discolored leaves. Water Temp always runs @ 69-72, Just normal Grobo nutes.
Should I be worried?



Yes summit a ticket to support ASAP.



  • (As The Plant Gets Bigger We Like To Top Up The Water Almost Daily): (Check Your Bubbles This Plant Looks Like It Is Starving For “Carbondioxide”):

  • (Your Plant Is Thirsty): { :droplet: image}:

  • (An Extra Bubbler On Hand Always Is A Must): (This Includes [Extra Airstones] As Well):

  • (GoodLuck): {:scream:}:

- - -

  • (If Your Bubbles Are Strong Enough You Should Be Able To Salvage Her):

  • (Did You Ever Put In A Ticket For This To See What Support Says):? {:question:}:



Yes. The bubbler stopped. No idea why yet. I put on a battery fish tank bubbler for now.

Will It come back? Am I wasting my time, waiting for it to come back?