Is this a hermie plant?

Hi AG community, my plant is at 30 of flowering and this is my second grow. I’ve noticed that there’s these “balls” or early looking “seeds” coming out of the buds. If those are swollen calyxes and resin than thank goodness but from what I have been reading I’m not so sure. I could use some verification so I can react accordingly. Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Yup looks like your right. Do you have light leakage into the unit?


How can I determine if I do?

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A camera inside with rhe lights out?
Or just think about the room its in. Do you use it when its asleep?any chance the lights on the room get left on ehen the lights on the grobo are off,.?


Definitely the latter. I gotta get something for the front door for the next grow.

Do you think this plant is a goner or can I dry it and smoke it?

Hrm. Ask for more then my opinion
Id toss it
Sorry for your loss. Nyk


Got these items for the front door glass


Thank you!


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  • Of course, you can smoke a male cannabis flower. The problem is that male marijuana seeds will make up most of a male cannabis flower, rending most of the product un-smokable. Seeds will crack, pop, and explode so if you are going to smoke a male cannabis flower you will want to grind it down and remove as much of the seed as physically possible


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