Is this a good PH, EC, etc... tester to buy?

I pretty much test nothing :grinning: and people have said maybe get a testing type meter.

I know this is a good brand, just not sure if this will do what I need or not.

Bluelab PENCON Conductivity Pen and Digital TDS Meter, Water Tester for Temperature and Nutrient (CF, EC, PPM 500, PPM 700), TDS Testing Kit for Hydroponic System and Indoor Plant Grow


Brands I would pick are Bluelab or Hanna

A nice option is have is a meter that takes temp of water into consideration when reading PH

Not sure what your budget is but I really like this meter


Hanna is what they used in that video course I watched, I just forgot the name before. :grinning:

I can buy it, just not sure yet what I want. Trying to keep it as simple as possible.

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Pen meters are generally cheaper but still work well…

I prefer handheld meter with external probe (quality of probe is much better than Pen meters)… What is nice you can just drop your probe in the Grobo or your water tank vs having to hold it… Big plus there… Besides you have to leave you probe in the water for a bit to stabilize. Also when your probe goes bad one day and it will you can just replace the probe.

What ever meter you get make sure you buy storage solution always leave your probe in storage solution this is the number 1 reason your probe will fail early (if it gets dry).