Is there a way to test the nutrient bottles to see if they work?

How do you test to see if your nutrient bottles are being sucked? Lol I have tried to grow 2 northern lights and after each early veg, I end up with root rot. Plus my bottles don’t look like a drop has been sucked out of them!

Drain water refill wait and you’ll see the nutrients go


Definitely after rinse and refill but you should wait for your weekly water change to do that or it’ll be a waste. I’ve seen others have marked their levels of nutes with permanent marker too.


I did marked them that’s when I noticed that my nutrients where not dispensing had air in my lines that was the reason for drain and fill on my end but yes I do wait for the weekly water change and don’t touch it after that unless the app notifies me to refill

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Hey @Roy_W_Little,

You can also shoot us an email to and we can jump on a call and fire them off remotely to double check.



Shut the front door! You can?? I am just waiting on some coca pods and I will try again for a 3rd time lol!