Is shipping damage covered?

@Stephen I recently purchased the Grobo I am excited and have some mixed emotions I’ve been keeping up on the forms and I hope everything comes and arrives undamaged! I purchased the two year warranty I’m asking that covers everything on the machine of it breaks down are if damaged?


Hi @2blessed2stress,Hi Mike,

I can see your question arrived on our support desk, so I’ll share the answer in hopes it helps anyone else worried about the arrival of their unit safely…

That is a great question and I can appreciate the concern. We have indeed started to work with another shipping company to work on alleviating the issues some people run into when they receive their unit. It is unfortunate that the inconsistency with shipping providers has caused our clients some challenges. In fact, many of our units that get shipped a long way do arrive in good shape. We are also taking additional steps on our side of things (we are actually conducting tests right now in our warehouse) to update our packaging to see what we can do to make things more consistent when units arrive to clients.

In terms of the warranty, if you do end up running into issues and shipping damage we will absolutely work with you to get the unit up and running as fast as we can. Our goal is to get you growing so whether its a simple repair or a replacement part we will do our best to get you get you set up. We also do have things set up so that a signature is required at the door and you do have the option of refusing the package if it appears to be in bad shape.

If you have any questions at all feel free to let us know!

Have a nice day!

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Thank you thank you that answered all my questions! The only worry at this point Is the build time the email said summer of 18🤔 summer is over so I’m a lil confused on that part but patiently waiting until farther notice!

Hey @2blessed2stress,

I’m wondering what email you received, can you forward it to so I can follow up and see where you are in the shipping process?


If my Grobo is damaged by shipping what happens if I refuse the package? Will I lose my shipping cost? Will another unit be shipped to me? Does the handler/FedEx cover damages?
And what happens if I have to accept the package first to know if its damaged. I guess what I’m trying to say is will I be paying thousands of dollars just to fix on my unit if damaged or will I ultimately get the new un-damaged unit I paid for.

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