Is she too big now?

Before I was concerned she was too short, now she’s touching the top of my Grobo, any advice?


What stage is your plant in? Flower I would assume?

If it’s still the first couple of weeks of flower you can probably still defoliate it and remove some larger leaves to free up some light space, and that will give you a better visual of your branches to be able to use some magnetic hooks with ties to seperate the branches towards the walls of the Grobo to avoid the light as much as possible. It’s kinda hard for us to see what’s actually going on there, but you might have to look into supercropping your colas at a 90 degree angle (give or take) to be able to keep them out of the light!


She’s in flower stage Day 18 of 30, she’s an auto flower btw

Hmm… okay. I am not an expert by any means, but I think that you need to be more careful during the third week of flower and on with defoliation… Can you give us some closer pics of the bud sites to see how far along she actually is? Someone here will be able to help you better. You may have to stick only to super cropping and magnet hooks at this point


Never seen an auto that big. Is she showing pistils yet? Can’t tell from the pic.

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Very huge indeed! I’ve seen some on here that large as well, they can really shoot up!

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Nice plant!

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Pistils are showing very well


@SilverGrobo any advice?




  • (SaveTheTopOfYourPlantAndAwayFromTheLightTheyMustGo):[:bulb: :fallen_leaf:]