Is she OK?

So I just want to make sure my plant is ok. I did some trimming on her but not all at once and her leaves are looking hit. Just wondering if I should be concerned?


Looks like a cal mag issue. I’d put a ticket in to make sure levels are ok. How do ur nutrients looks?


I just put a ticket in. My nutrients are all going down except micro and balanced. They look brand new and I’m not sure if this is normal for this stage?

You’ve got intervenial chlorosis and @LtcTerps is right it’s cal/mag or iron deficiency to decide which one you you have to look at where thenyellowing started if it’s near the base then outwards and it’s happening at the newer leaves it’s iron if it it started at the middle area fan leaves then it’s magnesium either way cal/mag has all that in it… I would foliar spray Epsom salts diluted in water at 1/8tsp per gallon and and add cal mag to the feed … she might be underfed


Also try and leave some of those bigger leaves on they produce and store carbs and hold nutrients for that area in the plant so that it doesn’t have to pull from other areas

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Thanks I’ll try that

If your pH is off It doesn’t matter if you have enough or add more cal/mag. Plant uptake is determined by optimum pH range.

I’d send a ticket in to check your EC and pH just to cover all your bases.

Here’s a chart a little technical but as you can see Magnesium likes the upper end of the pH range for the plant to have optimum uptake. That’s why a slight floating range of pH is ideal for all nutrients.



Checked ph and it’s spot on!

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Hey Chris, so I bought some cal/mag and added some this morning and she is already looking better. Thanks man and I’m not cutting anymore fan leaves for a bit. Just going to let it be for a few days and take it from there.