Is she dying or already dead? :(

Hello everyone
I‘m into my second grow with my Grobo.
My first one went really great and the end result was awesome. I‘m very happy with my unit.

Now I‘m 10 days in with my second grow and she started looking weird. I just noticed on day 7-8 why she‘s looking so weird.
I saw the air pump wasn‘t working for 7-8 days.
On the 8th day I tried to fix the air pump and saw theres some loose connection with it, but now I could fix it temporarily and close the unit.
So it‘s now working if I don‘t touch the inside of my unit.
But I‘m not sure if my little one will survive this or if she‘s maybe already dead.
I‘m not that experienced with growing so I‘m hoping someone in this great community could help me out on this issue.
She‘s looking like this on day 10:

And I still can‘t see the roots (but the coco pot stays moist now):

I‘m grateful to everyone willing to help me. What can I do to keep her alive (if it isn‘t too late)?

Thank you very much and kind regards


id scrap it. its so early in the grow to where its not worth the save. if it were further along than then maybe


I see a couple of things that may have gone wrong for you.

  1. your coco pod is pushed down too far to the point where if you look under the lid it appears to be separating.
  2. next grow please push your coco pod down until its flush with your lid not without going under it.
  3. your unit was not properly sanitized before starting a new grow and that can promote health issues for your plants. ( salt buildup and brown stains ). If its hard for you to clean in the position may I suggest getting a scrub brush/ sponge on a stick, or dedicate a toothbrush for places brown spots get trapped.
  4. Did you get a chance to check if air was flowing properly from the air pump lines because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of oxygen/bubbles, any chance a line is pinched or not working full capacity?

Sad to hear :frowning: , but thank you two for your help :+1:

I‘ve shut it down for now and I‘m now trying to repair the air pump somehow and of course as you told, clean it way better than I did the first time.

I just hope I can fix the air pump somehow :confused:

Kind regards


If you can’t repair it you have the option of contacting support to have one shipped out to you or buy one from your local store such as Walmart, meijer, pet stores etc… If you can’t find one you can always order from amazon. Air pumps are not real costly and range from $11 - $20 on an average.



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