Is it ready

Took a look at the harvest today the cola is still bendable not snapping should I wait a bit longer or take it down


You are in drying mode right? The buds should snap off the branches, no stringy’nes when pulling them off. Also the stems and branches should snap rather than bend or kink. If it’s not quite dry check it again in a day.

Drying is dependent on the humidity of the environment. Any idea what your rh% has been?


No I don’t I don’t have that yet won’t be here till Monday. Also only the tips are nice and crunchy

Branches just bend not snap so I went ahead and went with 5 more days but will check as days go by I keep the house around 65 3rd floor but my room is a Lil hotter so it’s between 70 75f humidity I have no clue at this moment but outside I just checked it’s 100% humidity

So you asked for % as of right now this are the % inside and out the grobo 7/10 days dry mode

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Nice man! I like Govee products too! I use those in both my Grobos.

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I’m working on my second one lol gota to have 2 I have a vision on the set up

And also I saw that most people here have them or something similar so I had to get them I need them so I can keep a closer eye out