Is it moveable once setup?

We are still waiting on ours to come, but it is looking like our main choice of area in the basement might not be the best and now more of a backup location due to wifi and running extension cords.

We wanted to try this in a 5x8 pantry off the kitchen as it has normal outlets, way closer to wifi, also should be easier to drain and fill. There is a small window it can vent from, if needed, with a little window fan.

Not sure about the noise though, that is why asking. Once going and we think it is louder than expected, can it be moved later, maybe once the drain cycle starts, then just fill it in the basement? It would all be during the seed stage I think.

Only some preplanning we are doing.


Yes the unit is movable while the grow is in progress. As you said, moving it after you drained the reservoir would be the best move. I think the 5x8 pantry with a vent window to help with airflow should work for your grow. One thing to consider is to ensure that temps and humidity are within range while in the pantry.