Is It Ever Too Early to Use Hydroguard?

I just ordered a quart of Hydroguard and am thinking of adding some to the reservoir to prevent root rot. My temps run between 72 F & 84 F (inside of the unit - not sure about water temp) so I figured I be proactive. I’ll be on Day 5 of germination when the Hydroguard arrives in the mail tomorrow.

Should I go ahead and add the Hydroguard to the reservoir right away? Or should I wait til my next drain/fill cycle?


Some use hydroguard from day one.
I wait until after germination.
I only add hydroguard during drain and fill once a week.
It can be added however you decide though.
Its very important to know your water temp to avoid root rot, id rather know that over temp in the box.

You can get thermometers really cheap on amazon. They don’t even need a plug and they come ready to use, just stick it on the wall and drop it in the water.


Gonna order one of these, thank you!

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You can use hydrogaurd anytime you want


I would start with 1/2 cap. I had the same issue. My plant struggled for about 4wks, until I started adding Hydro. After adding 1/2cap monitor and then add full cap next day.


I’ll will try this method tomorrow, thank you!

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