Is Grobo Hear to Stay?

I have a Cloudponics box. I think I was near one of the last to purchase these before they stopped selling them. Now I worry about the future with my Cloudponics as to part failures, support, etc., etc.

I know there are no garruntees in life, but what does everyone think about Grobo’s longevity?


I think it’s long!


Very valid concern, I have no grounds to speak on but as a business owner and a very new Grobo owner, I will share my initial impression. Owning a small business is extremely difficult, I am positive they have conquered some extremely difficult obstacles, I’m sure they are facing some now, and I’m sure there will be more in the future, it’s just the nature of the beast. The product appears to be very solid, that said reading through this forum it is obvious that there are “kinks” that are still being worked through. I feel that is to be expected with such a new/(groundbreaking in my opinion) machine. It almost feels as though we are all invested beta testers which I for one am completely cool with. Their quick responses and high level involvement with their clientele community is almost unmatched, I have not seen another specialized product with such a solid support system, I honestly don’t know where they find the time, Grobo team do you ever sleep haha? So long as we the clientele community keep showing our support and spreading the word to friends and family members (appropriately) about just how special and effective the product is, coupled with the Grobo team keeping up their impressive efforts. Their product will refine, word will spread (especially with growing certain plants legalizing slowly throughout the world and the post-Covid social environment causing people to want to stay home which I view as favorable for Grobo), ultimately they will be “here to stay”.

My question is assuming they succeed, which big player buys them out and what does #Grobolife look like after that occurs??

Disclaimer: this is simply a verbal mind dump of a bored business person stuck at home waiting on seeds and nutrients :joy: take it for what it is!


Grobo keeps on proving that they are here for their customers even in a start up state!
No matter what the issues are they respond and customers would rather that than being ignored or left to thier own conclusions or resources.
They have a great product that is always evolving and not just dumped in your lap!
Home growing is our future and having the allgrowers community strengthens what the business stands for.
Grobo is made with passion not just labor!
Long live Grobo!


The fact they are doing beta testing, during Covid, and seeking input from us, has really instilled lots more confidence in them. I’m still on the fence as to get a second unit, but this has helped sway me.


Thank you all for this amazing feedback! It’s truly humbling and we’re so happy that you’re happy. :green_heart: