Is an Auto seed best for Grobo?

Hello all, I am trying to figure out what seed is best. For sure, I will get feminized but should I get an Auto?

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Auto is great for first timers, because you have to do so little. With autos, you won’t (most people anyway) top her, or trim her much, or do much training for that matter. All the above can be done, however any high stress training won’t really have enough time to heal. Photoperiod plant provide you more opportunities to “train” your plant so as to experiment on getting the best yield, and potency. With feminized photoperiod strains you are in control over how big she gets, how many colas she will produce and when you will take her down. It really comes down to if you are adventurous or nervous. If nervous, go with an auto first grow, then take a stroll into photoperiod. If adventurous, pick your fav fem seed and away you go. It’s just more work and fun figuring out how it all works. If you’re the set it and forget it type, well then autos are your friend. No right or wrong answer here, but the preference of the grower. Also autos tend to produce smaller yields just FYI. Good luck, and if this is your first grow go with an easy strain like white widow, or a blueberry, or a gorilla glue. Easy strains, that you can experiment with. And remember it’s a weed…literally so she’ll want to grow no matter what. Let us know what you decide and welcome!! :+1::v:


I agree with @Osage summary. I think genetics also play a huge roll I seen one Auto come out of Grobo here that had great results but yeah ultimately controls and yeild are better with a photoperiod plant’s imo.


@Azuri and @Osage are completely correct it comes down to what you want …

On another note autos suck big donkey balls but that’s just my opinion … :joy: