International Shipping?


Can you please elaborate about your experience in international shipping. Do you have any documentation that you can share with us so we can approve the specs.

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Welcome! It is my understanding that they only ship to CNDa and the U.S. There might be new developments but that’s a question for @Chris

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I saw an email saying welcome international growers. I think they are going to start shipping.

We currently ship to Canada and the United States and are accepting pre-orders on our European Store.

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Hi @Ronen, as @Mcmanis and @Osage stated we’re only shipping to North America right now, but are taking pre-orders for Europe. Hope that helps





((#Welcome))… ((#Shipping))… :wink:


Thanks Chris,

Will you notify us please once you are ready to send it internationally. I would like to send the product to a US address and than ship it internationally, what can you send me to assist with tax and customs fees.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey @Ronen,

We highly advise Grobo users to not use the product outside the US/Canada for several reasons:

  • It will void the warranty which greatly reduces our ability to assist with any issues that may occur

  • We are unable to ship repair parts outside of the US/Canada

  • The unit isn’t electrically certified or tested to work in other countries so you run the risk of the unit not working or damaging the unit

  • You may not be able to connect to WiFi and therefore not be able to use the unit as that feature hasn’t been tested on products and networks outside the US/Canada

  • We will be unable to ship the accessories needed to grow in the unit outside the US/Canada

  • We are unable to assist with shipping the unit outside the US/Canada

Any use of a Grobo outside of the US/Canada happens at your own risk and we encourage growers to not do so.

We are working to open up other markets, but until we do, this is our policy.



Hi @Ronen,

As Stephen said we do not recommend that you do that at this time. If you’re interested in getting it into the EU then please back the campaign here to tell us that yes, our EU customers want the product shipped there:
After that we’d ship the unit directly to you (no rerouting to the US required)



Hey Chris,
I’m from the EU and backed the grobo in 2016. I was hopeful with the EU shop fundraising in the beginning, but now it doesnt look so promising anymore. It shows 44 units ordered and its only 4 days left. Any plans on how to go forward? I mean, some of us already preordered one back in the days so those folks propably wont preorder a second one just to support the effort, you know?!

As I get it, you are still waiting for EU certification, right?! So theres still hope for us EU folks, right?!


Hey @PineappleDon,

Thanks so much for being an early supporter, we can’t wait to get the EU growing Grobo dank, er tomatoes. We have decided to extend the campaign for an additional 60 days in an effort to garner more support for opening up the EU market. Our fingers are crossed we can get you growing soon.



European store link redirect to not found…
Please, I wanna buy two Grobos when my student loan comes in August!
Progressive Europe my rump…