Intentionally small yields

Just curious if anyone flips to flower early to keep the plant smaller with a lower yield. Wife and I use so little compared to what I produce, that I started playing with pressing rosin and making cherry oil to dab. And I still have tons left from the last grow and another batch about to come out of cure. Thinking of flipping one to flower that is only to the lower fan, but bushy.


You can try it, I am not sure what will happen though. I am new so going by what Grobo says right now.

Maybe post a picture and others can respond.


I’m not a big fan of auto flowers, but If you’re considering smaller plants and smaller yields, perhaps autoflowers may be cool to explore. The plants tend to be much smaller and flower much quicker, so you’ll end up with more grows and variety at the end.

I also see no problem in flipping to 12/12 early, as long as the plant has a strong base or support and in good health, go for it. If you notice some tip burning, you can dilute the res solution a bit to lower the EC.