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Fan Harness Disconnected:

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Placement of hoses & PH and Ec sensors:


How do I fix my water level sensors?

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If your Grobo has had any the following events, your water level sensors may not be operating within normal parameters and need to be checked:

  1. The reservoir isn’t filling when you press ‘Fill.’
  2. The reservoir isn’t draining when you press ‘Drain.’
  3. The light inside your unit is still green after a drain and fill.

To conduct this check, please follow the steps below:

1. Find your water level sensors

  1. Remove the reservoir lid. If you have a plant growing, you can lay the lid and root system overtop of a bucket. The plant won’t be harmed by a bit of air time.
  2. Remove the plastic shield inside the reservoir that protects your sensors.


The water level sensor shield is the plastic piece you can see in this image.


Here, the water level sensors are now accessible.

2. Check that each sensor can move freely.

  1. Using your hands, give each sensor a gently move up and down. Be careful not to twist or loosen the sensors.
  2. Look for any roots or sediment build up that can be cleaned off the sensors

3. Power cycle the unit (i.e. unplug and replug back in) and check if the event has ended.


Great helpful guides :+1:


U Stay on top of ur game :sunglasses::dash::seedling:


Thanks @Choppo0816,
I appreciate you! :rainbow::eyes::seedling:


:blush: thank u :pray:t3: the feeling is mutual believe me u are so much help to everyone :dash::seedling:


By the way how ur tent :tent: turnt out I just revived mine just waiting on the rest of the equipment


Still waiting on delivery of tent and new V3 light!
I was thinking I might wait until my grow is complete before setting it up, I’m in flower stage now in my 2 x 4.
So its looking like February for the new setup, which will give me time to decide if I’m gonna upgrade my ventilation too.
I think after I complete setup and do a run I can start looking into more automation.:eyes::seedling:

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That’s cool :sunglasses: I’m getting the HLG 600 rspec light :bulb: I look :eyes: at the one :point_up:t4: u got to was very hard for me to decide witch one both work really gd

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Just keep me posted with all ur upgrades as well love watching u work an @Mpower11 @Vicc u guys are nice :+1:t2:


The team has got you covered!
I try to post most of my work just incase someone can use the info! :eyes::seedling:


I’m gonna put my tent :tent: in my garage just a lil worried :worried: cause there is no heat in there an it’s really cold :cold_face: we’re I’m at so probably got to get some space heaters as well how is ur bill with all ur equipment


Well with the 2 x 4 tent, 200 CFM/ventilation, dehumidifier and V2 light its reasonable, I would say about $40 - $50 more a month.
Not sure how bad the 4 x 8 tent with 400 CFM ventilation and the second light (V3) will cost me but I will be sure to let you know if it makes a big difference!
P.s. I’m scared of space heaters isn’t there a safer option like the small fireplaces?


That’s pretty good too u right

40 to 50 ain’t to bad

Mind me asking y u don’t like them

If you click on the pencil at the bittom of your post it will let you edit, this way you won’t have to post so many times, just add on to your last post.
Space heaters are dangerous because they catch fire often.

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Oh ok :+1:t2: thank u :blush: told u always teaching that is gd to know cause I do that a lot :joy: :dash::seedling:

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That’s a loaded question for me at this moment. My tent is all apart right now… I have a lot of ideas to charge but trying to put the puzzle back together in my head right now. Mostly looking to make it a bit cleaner (the setup) looking at charging drain system so I can get in the tent… also looking at a 4 by 8 like Bobbie for the same reasons don’t need more plants just want more space.

I always wanted to try LOS that maybe on my radar also