Instruction Sticky

@bjorn @Stephen I’ve requested this before. I guess I’ll do it again. Can we please have a sticky for all illustrated instructions for the GROBO unit, by GROBO? For example; WiFi antenna install, pH probe replacement, accessing fill and drain pumps, etc. They’re out there. I’ve seen them. I just can’t use the search function without being frustrated trying to sort the wheat from the mounds of chafe :frowning_face: Is this a difficult task to accomplish?


Also videos of changeing water pumps…airstones would also be great for lots of peeps.

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Apologies for my ignorance mate. What do you mean when you reference a “sticky”? I hate to assume.

A permanent thread that is “stuck” to the top of the index page



  • (WiFi antenna install):

  • (pH probe replacement):

  • (NoPumpReplacement): :thinking:

- - -

  • (Feed the line like through the back square):



Air pumps and airstonez?