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I’ve returned home to find my Inside LEDs are not on. Day 10 of 10 in germination.

My light settings have been 7am to 3am and when I go into the office I leave before the lights come on.

I adjusted the light settings in the “app” and the inside LED kicked on, but this is a serious concern as nobody can be home to constantly monitor their grobo. At times, I leave for several days on business. Basically this plant got an extra 9 hours of sleep which won’t kill the plant, but not ideal. No indication via the app that there was a problem.

I Have submitted a support ticket for this and also wondering when the rest of my order will actually ship. Still waiting for support racks, 2 sets of nutrients and extra coco pods :man_shrugging:

I was told by Stephen that these should be sent out this week due to a backlog, but still no info on this and they show fulfilled

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During running hours is there potential it got too hot? When you put your hand at the back of the grobo for the top foot or so where the fan exhaust is, is there air moving out, is it hot,?

If it gets too hot it auto shuts off. Mine did that and I had to replace the top fan. And in the time it took to send a new one i just plopped a fan on the top of it to keep it cool. Didnt have any further issues


Hey @Todd.grobo The unit does not get hot, the water once did, but that’s been fixed with a chiller. Overheating is not an issue inside my home. The temps outside are a beautiful low 80’s. AC runs no matter what.

After checking my gopros log of timelapse photos the lights never appear to come on, but the battery also dies around 7am just a lot of darkness so just my luck.

it’s also only 74 degrees in my home, no power outages of any type. No flashing clocks in my place. My home router never shows an interrupted of data flow (home camera system recorded all day) and shows the grobo connected (never lost connection) without interruption. I assure you this is not a network issue on my end.

Inside the grobo temps have never risen above 76.6 degrees verified by my meters which I pull each day to validate the data on my Pc (software was included to better check peak hours). No hot conditions what so ever. Also a fan in the room pushing air and the grobo is 12 inches from the wall.

Holding a meter against the grobo where the heat comes out of the top section temps is sitting around 78/79 degrees. There is really good air flow in this room especially with the fan.

I also noticed the back button is not functioning properly and the inside light for checking out the plant without opening stayed on for a minute instead of a super fast 10 seconds before kicking back over to the grow light.

I haven’t gotten a reply from grobo yet, so I went ahead and power cycled the unit and everything connected normally and lights are on, air stone working, normal finctionality including the pic light lasting like 10 seconds.

I can rule heat as out as well and I believe powercycling the device has resolved the locking issue and erratic behavior, but I am concerned that this inside light issue ties into the outside LED flashing light on the front which hasn’t worked since day 3. I was okay losing the outside LED and considered taping it so I didn’t see the flash, but I still would like this investigated as to the cause or what needs be fixed. I’d hate to lose this plant because of a faulty part

Appreciate the reply


@James, My accessories (Grobo Kit) are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I already received my support racks and wish I had ordered extra coco pods.


Try an hard reset(unplug unit) and retest. Sounds like temp issue but seems like u have temp under control. Too bad it’s friday won’t get an answer till next week possibly. I would turn on at 3pm

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@Bplatinum9 very cooland good to know that I’m likely not far behind :+1:


A hard reset is what I was referring to when I mentioned “powercycling”. Unplug the device, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in. It all appears to be functioning again (noted in 2 reply). I May be okay? I don’t know. Hopefully support can pull a report and pinpoint a fault. I find it hard to believe in my case that it’s heat related. Measurements from all around the unit never fluctuate more than a degree until I get to the grow light (back vent) where heat goes up (normal), but I wouldn’t consider it “hot” 80ish so I’ve basically ruled out heat, but appreciate the feedback and comments here on potential cause. I suspect the top board where the LED is housed or software and would assume errors are seen on the grobo side or hoping

My concern is with work I do some light traveling and may be gone for a few days. I do have the little lady at home, but I doubt she’d even notice that it wasn’t on or supposed to be on. I really don’t want to have to buy a small camera to go inside w/ power source to monitor the grobo at all times. I’m ten days into ownership :man_shrugging:. I’ve done everything in my power to “stabilize my environment” to suit the grobo, optimal conditions, optimal water temps, moved to a darker room and placed onto marble tiles that stay cool to the touch, great air flow with fan and AC throughout, I check the grow a few times a day for temps & Rh, I’ve got a time lapse video going ect… Honestly I panicked when I got home and typed that message after basic functions were not responding and the lights off, but air stone on. Grow was going so well so I’m hoping it’s a day ten fluke, but I suspect some hardware issue.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback.


I’ve really just seen shipping damage on most units. Circuit boards that “jump” off mounts and mostly unplugged wiring. U may want to slightly disassemble the unit, check for damage and repair as needed. The back panel is super simple to remove and will give you a great view at both upper and lower circuit boards. Could be loose connection somewhere or hopefully as u said just a hiccup in system. Glad it’s running as designed at this time!


Update - lights have gone off at the expected time :+1:. Lights should come back on at 3pm CST

Update - lights did come back on without my intervention so maybe I’m all good again :man_shrugging:

Did notice that entering veg about an hour and a half ago that the bottom fan did not start up as assumed. I’ve added it to my current support ticket. Ive read others had this issue. Since this is my first 11th day (first day of veg) I guess I don’t know if the fan is supposed to have come on or just kicks over at some point during the day?

I’ve checked both fans for obstructions and they’re clear and spin freely so not seized.

Update 7:20pm CST
log into the app, shows I’m disconnected from the grobo. Grobo won’t connect recommends powercycling.
Powercyled - grobo starts powering up then has no light at all. Wait 30 seconds, powercycle again leaving it off for 1 minute.

Inside Lights did not come on upon power, but I was able to connect the grobo to the net this time, so I changed the light setting In the app which kicked the lights on also the bottom fan has kicked on. :man_shrugging:



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Im currently in germination day 5.

When my lights are on for 20 hrs, the temperature is around 24 degrees inside the grobo.

When lights switch off for 4 hours, temperature goes down to 17-18 degrees.

Is that okay?

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my plants operate the same seing. Your good. Just watch for too hot.