Does anyone have experience with either the levo 1 or 2 or the magical butter machine? Looking into purchasing one or the other and wonder which is best on price point as the mb is around $200 cheaper than a levo 2.


Hey @Blackwater81,

The biggest difference between the two is that the Levo 2 can decarboxylate your herb, where the Magic Butter does not. Seems a bit more hands free too.

I have a Magic Butter 2, but not a Levo.



I’ve got the Magical Butter as well and I have to say, I love it. Easy to use. Set it, forget it. Two hours later, you have butter. I will say though, the ONLY thing that the Magical Butter really needs is a digital timer on it. It will turn itself off at the right time, but I ALWAYS forget to set a timer so I’ll get 30 minutes into it churning and totally lose track of time and then I have no clue when it’ll be done.