Indoor auto Advice 2021

Hello and sorry in advance for the redundant nature of this post but things change everyday so while I’ve looked at many many previous discussions over many forums I just want to see what’s new. That said I’m a life long gardening/plant lover and grew up farming and have also had some expirence with reg outdoor grows and love everything about growing bud. I also attempted an auto grow a few years ago but with little to no research when ordering LEDs/equip or technique and found out just how different the two are… this time around I’m looking for any advice or info on a good LED for two or three auto grow and also a good soil recipe since you don’t really need a ton of nutrients and at different stages like with photos. Again that said I’ve got perlite, vermiculite, Pete moss, worm castings, composted manure and a couple bags of organic dirt. Is it necessary to use bone and blood meal also? Or are there any useful add-ins like epsom salt or I have a ton of egg shells I can powder if needed. Any soil composition/recipe advice would be greatly appreciated as well as a watering schedule/recipe. Have heard an air stone and pump before watering increases available oxygen as well as hydrogen peroxide? Lol in no way am I saying that any of this is true or ideal or good practice purely random hearsay so all options are totally welcome, thank you and hope to hear back soon!


Welcome @D_H ,
Please tell the community if you plan on growing in a grobo, tent, indoor pot etc…

Have you checked out my post on “Everyhing Flora Flex” it is packed with great information and pictures on a lot of these topics! :eyes::seedling:

This is the led I use: Electric Sky 300 V3 » Wideband LED Grow Light – The Green Sunshine Company

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