In transition, but got an alert for flowering stage

My grow progress is at 6/14 in transition, but I got an alert saying it was in the second week of flowering. Did I mess up something or is the recipe wrong?

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If you extended any of the stages, the alerts might be off because they’re built in to the original recipe. If you haven’t extended it, then send out a ticket to Stephen so he can make adjustments on his side.


Yeah - I noticed that to. If you adjust stages manually, you just get the automatic alerts per the recipe. Its a bug.

IE - I have extended veg by weeks on my grow, but I got the “flower” message, showing about what happens to the plant in flowering stage - Even though Im still in veg.

It should be relatively simple software fix.


Yeah, I didn’t extend it or anything.

Stretch is the first phase of flower … so in essence it’s day 1 of flower

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Ok, so is just a message alert right? I won’t affect anything with the actual Grobo recipe? FYI I’m on day 3 of my Bubbba Kush still nothing yet :weary: just waiting :sweat_smile:

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Correct, the alerts for phases wont impact your grow.