I'm on day 8 of my grow and my grobo is saying I need to change the water. Should I let the water stay or change it out?


Grobo recommends you drain and fill with fresh water every week for 2 reasons.

  1. This is the only time your plant receives nutrients is on a successful drain and fill.
  2. Nutrient amounts change throughout the grow and having fresh water every week means it’s likely not to work as hard correcting your PH etc from having too much food. It provides a more stable environment for your plant to thrive in.
    Three days after your weekly drain and fill you will top the unit up when she tells you she is thirsty. You can click through the notifications that appear or use Maintenance / Fill. In earlier stages you will see she doesn’t drink as much, but later in life she can drink a large portion of the reservoir every week.

Thank you very much for the help grow family