Illinois is Legal Today

It’s been a long time waiting for me.

Today, I am officially a legal cannabis grower and can expand my operation without the concern of law.

Medical card holders can grow up to 6 plants “legally” now. These plants cannot be in the public view and 6 per card holder per household.

As dispensaries only take cash, anyone visiting this state should be aware of their surroundings as they exit their vehicles to enter a dispensary. Be safe and not sorry. Robberies around these places are not uncommon.

Happy New Year All


I pity the recreational users who can’t grow their own and are forced to buy government approved cannabis at inflated prices. Under the guise of eliminating illegal drug trafficking, the state is going to reap the “rewards”


Legal just means regulated

Agree 100%

Fyi the fine for growing your own without a medical card is 200$ per plant. Risk/reward

No doubt Illinois dispensaries will be closing doors the first week due to the flood of consumers and stock issues. They already had issues keeping the shelves stocked for the thousands of card holders. Once the doors open to millions of residents and millions of visitors Illinois will become the home of the 600$ oz - supply/demand


Congrats! my friend from Springfield became a legal cannabis grower too :money_mouth_face:


That’s not a total victory though. Easing the regulations on growing and distributing etc. should be the next objective. But still that’s great

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