If you are thinking of buying a Grobo

I purchased a Grobo over two years ago. I finally received it in Sept. of 2018. When I unboxed it I found the door badly damaged (would not close). I have since decided I do not want to repair this myself (I don’t think I should have to) and the company seems to be avoiding a resolution until my thirty day return window is closed! All I want to do is return this expensive anchor and can not get anyone there to commit to some kind of resolution…be careful people…there is no way I know of to actually talk to someone. Being in Canada is probably this company’s saving grace

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@rodcross as I mentioned in the other thread we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Please be mindful that it is the Christmas season and the company is not operating at full capacity. Don’t worry about the 30 day thing - I will make sure that we honour it on our side so long as everything looks good on our side :slight_smile:

As with the damage in shipping we’ve done everything we can to prevent damage to the device in transit. We’ve tested our packaging by toppling a sample device down stairs, dropped it from tables onto its side, and even throw it from a loading bay right onto the door handle with no damage to the unit within. It’s not any compromise on our side, but we have no idea how our shipping company’s are actually treating our devices in transit which is very unfortunate. Again, I apologize that this has soured your experience with Grobo. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that you’re taken care of

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Red cross they will take care of you. We’ve all had issues with shipping. It will pass and soon youll have a harvest!


This thing is so noisy I will never have a crop! I tried to deal with it for two weeks, then had to unplug it. Maybe if I had a room to put it in I would be trying harder, just can’t deal with it anymore.

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