Identify this bug?

Helping or hurting, and what is it??!

I’ve seen 4 of them since the grobo has been in the room, the first two were discovered together in the grobo on the coco pod during my first grow. The 3rd was just buzzing around the room but did seem to come from the grobo’s corner.

It’s entirely possible they have always been nearby and are just attracted to it, not saying they are being produced by the grobo – but haven’t ruled that out yet either.

This last one was in the grobo as you can see:

My biggest concern really is whether this guy is harmless or even beneficial, or if I need to adopt some sort of repellent or deterrent here?

This one disappeared shortly after taking these pics when I was reviewing to check the quality, sorry for the blur.

It’s about the size of a typical/average cannabis seed and squishes extremely easily. Have already crushed two of them by accident while trying to capture one. That’s the main reason I haven’t been able to get a good picture (that didn’t look like mud) yet!

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Looks like beetle of some sort did it crunch when crushed? What area are u from

Toronto area and yeah it crunched though it was a tiny crunch due to the size :slight_smile:


Probably beetle not a problem but still may want to try to get rid of it. I used a cut solo cup with some neem oil, catch’s lots of pests

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Just bug. Nevermind!